Exeter Real Nappy Initiative

Exeter Real Nappy Initiative (ERNI) is my baby! It’s a way of helping families save on their initial outlay when setting their family up with cloth nappies.
Once you’ve borrowed a DRNP trial kit and discovered which nappies you love, ERNI will give you £20* off the cost of your nappies when you buy from your ERNI advisor.

Families can donate funds or preloved nappies to ERNI this is in turn passed on to new families who are just starting out and helps to maintain the trial kits.

I’ve been a volunteer with the Devon Real Nappy Project since 2008, It’s hugely rewarding and I really enjoy working with the teams at Devon County and Exeter City Councils. DRNP own the trial kits and help out with some running costs but the government funding for discounts has been cut. 

To get your hands on a free DRNP nappy kit head over to a Nappuccino, pick up a trial kit, try it out on your baby and make the right decision for your family. It’s all very well to look on line at prints and patterns but I have first hand experience in why you need to try before you buy – you might surprise yourself at your choice!

The colourful kits are fully equipped with liners, wetbag, bucket, mesh, wipes and full instructions with pictures and diagrams. Each kit has a selection of nappy brands and types, All-in-Ones, All-in-Two’s, Two Parts, Pockets, Flat and Fitteds – No idea what I’m on about?….come to Nappuccino and collect a trial so that you can take it home and play to your hearts content.

Have a look at the calendar for dates and venues near you….

*Terms and Conditions apply – Please ask for more info at Nappuccino

Exeter Babies Babies In Real Nappies
The Devon Real Nappy Project Trial Nappy Kit

To get your hands on some fluff, head over to a Nappuccino and pick up a trial kit!